Today being Christmas day I thought I”ll post an interview with a very important someone in my life. She’s my spiritual mentor, the one who held my hand through my baby steps of faith. Her lessons and experiences have always been of great inspiration and a reminder of the works of an amazing God that we serve.

I’m so thankful that during this busy season, she agreed to answers a few questions for my humble blog and its readers.

She’s none other than Mrs. Shobana Thomas or whom I loving call- Shobana Aunty.

A tiny insight into our relationship. I met Aunty in Chennai when I first came to do my college. My parents and I knew no one in Chennai except for the then serving Vicar of the Mar Thoma Church, Chetpet. Seeing how helpless we were with the hot & humid climate of the state, the numerous mosquitoes chasing us and the homesickness and sense of imminent separation between my folks and I, the Vicar introduced us to Shobana Aunty who had an empty room for a paying guest. She welcomed us open arms of love and comfort, preparing Kerala dishes to feed our growling tummies and a charming bedroom for us traveling souls to crash in.

Long story short, Aunty and her place became my home away from home. She’s been with me through all my ups and downs and still continues to do so with her prayers and constant guidance.

No matter who comes home; doesn’t matter which faith or creed, aunty always holds their hand in prayer before they leave her home. She’s someone who prays over everything and anything. She’s the one who taught me to have hope and trust in God no matter how bleak your circumstances may seem.

Let’s get down to the interview. Go on and give a read 🙂

1.       Tell us a little something about yourself

Hi everyone. Speaking about myself- I’m a Housewife, a mother, and a grandmother. In the professional world- I’m a Counsellor, a nutritionist, caterer (my house has been smelling like Christmas cakes since the October) and a business entrepreneur. In the spiritual world- I’m a prayer warrior and a spiritual mother to many people of all ages.

But above all- I’m a Child of God.

2.       How did you come to know the Lord?

Unfortunately, I’ve been too busy with my catering schedules that I wish I had more time to answer your questions elaborately. But to get a complete idea about my spiritual journey, kindly watch a video of mine on Youtube.

(watch at 18:42)

3.       What does accepting Jesus Christ as one’s Lord and personal Saviour mean to you?

Coming to know the LORD as my personal Savior was the best thing that happened in my life. There was a TOTAL transformtion of my thoughts, words & deeds.


4.       I know you and your friends run an orphanage called the Children’s Home of Hope in Chennai. Tell us more about this organization.

My mother and her friends started this organization. One of the friends was a part of a Leprosy Rehabilitation programme in Chennai. The organizers asked her to take care of the families of the those who contracted leprosy. She saw how they was no hope for the future for the children of these parents. These parents readily gave her to take care of them. That was how the Children’s Home of Hope was found and it expanded with the help of her friends.

It has now been handed over to us.

5.       How can our society help in contributing to your Home?

You can help the Children’s Home of Hope by sponsoring a child. You can also help by meeting specific needs of the children especially higher education as some of our children go to even Professional colleges. We welcome all donations, big or small, however God provides and moves your heart.

6.       Share with us one of the many testimonies of yours where you have seen God’s abundant Grace/mercy/providence/protection? (choose whichever)

There are so many testimonies that I can talk about on how amazing God has been in my life. One of the many I have shared with Asha is about God’s provision.
It was during a wedding catering. We had prepared food for a 150 guests but as it turned out, much more than listed, around 250, showed up for the event. My helpers and assistants started to panic. They began to check all containers of food, it was all about to finish. They kept reporting to me time to time, but instead of being anxious something in me kept telling them “God will provide”. An hour later, on still deciding what to do, we went to check a dark and closed room- a storeroom of sorts. We saw many containers there but they were also just old stock of inventory. Suddenly I was led to open a certain set of containers. And as it turned they were my company containers. As my assistant opened it we found warm and plentiful yummy biriyani waiting to be served, filled to the brim. No one knew how it got there. Without asking any more questions, our team began to serve. Everybody had their heart’s full. And guess what- we still had some remaining.

The God who fed the 5000 all those years back, is the same God who works in our lives as well.

7.       How do you respond to someone who questions why you believe that Christianity is the one true faith?

The only answer I give to all those who ask me this question is:

In no other faith or religion, God became man & paid the price for the sins of the whole world, so that eternal life could be a free gift to be received.

This response gets them thinking 😉

8.       Give us few tips or encouragements on how we can share the word of God to non-believers.

A Christian’s life is the window through which others can see Jesus. Out of 100 people, one will read the BIBLE the other 99 will read the christian. When you say you are a christian, your body becomes the temple of the Holy Spirit. And EVERYTHING you think, say or do is directed by the Holy Spirit. In Jesus, true and lasting transformation is possible.


9.       What is your Christmas message to the people of this world- young and old?

Christmas is abt God taking extreme measures to reclaim those who were and are lost. Gods Grace is immeasurable. His Mercy inexhaustible. His Peace inexpressible.                   MAY THE GOD OF HOPE FILL YOU WITH ALL JOY & PEACE AS YOU TRUST IN HIM.

God bless all!


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