Day 7

Because of my love for music, on this day I have compiled a few of my favorite Christmas & Gospel songs. They include ones that I grew up listening to and the many I recently had my heart skip a beat to 😉

My dad has always been a fan of old classic carols. So for my sister and I the month of December would arrive with Appa waking us up to the music of these tunes.

Now everywhere I hear an old carol playing, the memories of a cold winter school morning, breakfast and milk with bournvita ready on the table, pulling up my school socks as fast as possible to keep my feet warm and Appa walking along the corridors of our apartment singing them carols in his animated Jim Reeves voice; keep coming back to me.

So here are a few of them:

download (4)Silver Bells (Jim Reeves):


download (4)Mary’s Boy Child (Boney M):


download (4)Christmas Polka (Jim Reeves):


download (4)Last Christmas


download (4)Born is the King (Hillsong):

download (1)

download (4)Breath of Heaven (Amy Grant):

download (2)

download (4)Baby Boy:


download (4)Go tell it on the Mountain:

maxresdefault (2)

download (4)Emmanuel (Laura Story):


download (4)Star of Wonder (J.J.Heller):

download (3)

download (4)Do you hear what I hear:


download (4)Little Drummer Boy:

hqdefault (1)

That’s about it. Hope you enjoy these lovely tunes. Feel free to comment below on what are your Christmas traditions and favourite songs.

Let’s worship the Lord with the songs of our hearts.

God bless 🙂


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