Day 5

Hey guys!!

Today I have a surprise for y’all. We have a ‘celebrity’ guest at the blog. Hurray !!

I’m so, so, so pleased and excited to have my dear husband, Pramod, finally put his amazing thoughts into words. He’s a man of few words, well except when he wants to drive his wife crazy. So to have him impart a few thoughts on the blog means a great deal to me, and hope it will to you as well.

So here’s a great yet humble enlightenment by my soul-mate. Go ahead, have a read. God bless ! 🙂

Hello Blogosphere!

Instead of a celebrity guest blogger, today you have a first timer whose last writing assignment was a piece he submitted to his English teacher 15 years ago! Those you of who follow ‘The Undoing’ blog may know me as ‘the husband’ in the many stories that Asha has brought to you over the years. And those of you haven’t read them all – WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? Go check them out now! – I’ll wait 🙂

Ever since I was asked to contribute to this page I kept wondering what could be shared with the world about my life and learnings from the Bible. Here is one such thought that came to me the other day.

While reading the book of Exodus (which chronicles the series of events that took place from the time Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt till they reached the Promised Land) have you ever wondered how many times the people were discontented and complained against the Lord? People complained… the Lord delivered and in the next chapter they complained again and the Lord delivered. Surely enough the next page this happens again! The people rejoiced when the Lord saved them and delivered on His promises, but forgot about His grace in the absence of a continuous sign.

(The Bible says that this happened over ten times in the Book of Exodus itself).

What is wrong with these people?

Can’t they see that the Lord has been so good to them and will be with them through their present challenge as he has done in the past?

Later on, a wise person reminded me that that the events of Exodus happened over 40 years and between each page or paragraph several months or years may have elapsed.

But wait a minute!

In that case, aren’t I just as guilty of this?

How many times have I forgotten the times the Lord has helped and been the bedrock of support to me (and my family) and complained about my current circumstance? More than ten times a year? Surely. More than ten times in a month? Perhaps. Just like the Israelites in the desert, in the absence of big grand gestures, I forgot that the Almighty Lord who was able to spring water from a rock is the same one who wakes me up every morning and gives me the strength to face every day.

Yet, when I encounter the next difficulty, do I evidence my belief in Him, a belief that knows we can trust Him through difficulty? The answer sadly hasn’t always been in the affirmative for me and this is something that I am keen to change. It has been a hard thing for me to practice wholeheartedly but I try to do this more and more every day.

The reminder of all His deeds in our lives gives us renewed strength to face the next challenge with full confidence. Continue to have faith in the Lord and be thankful for all the blessings He has showered upon us over the years. Especially the ones we may have forgotten about.

May this Christmas season be one of renewed joy and hope in the unfailing Lord.

Have a great one! 🙂


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