Day 2

The entire world knows the story of the birth of Jesus Christ. They know who was his earthly parents, where He was born, who were there to visit Him, the era, the place, everything. But still why does the world hold back from truly believing what Christmas is all about. Why does it cover up the truth with celebrations and Santa and presents and decorations? Don’t get me wrong- I am definitely one of those Christmas/winter obsessed folks. I love listening to Christmas carols all day long, adorning every possible furniture in red and gold and green colors, going gift shopping, and planning dinners for family and friends. But that’s precisely why over the past few years, I’ve been trying not to let Christmas celebrations and decorations take the throne away from Christ in my heart. Focus more on the reason than the season.

We all have read and heard about the different personalities that were present during the birth of Jesus. This day, I would like to focus on one such honorable guests who witnessed it all.

The three wise men!

Though the Bible does not say much about the Magi (traditionally called wise men), they were surely present that very day. We can’t say for sure how many were there or where they came from.

We know that they followed the bright and morning star which led them to where Jesus was born. Maybe it was easier for them to follow this particular star because the Morning Star is the first star before dusk that shines so bright. So for them, it would have literally been a torch guiding their path.


These men are called wise men, so I’m sure they just wouldn’t have decided to follow a star on the spur of the moment.

What exactly does being wise mean? Does it mean being filled with the knowledge of the world and all that there is to know? Does it mean to have plenty of life experiences to guide one’s self? King Solomon, as we know, was the wisest YOUNG King of his time. Solomon, being so young to be throned as King, knew He could rule His kingdom only with the wisdom God gave. And that was the just what Solomon sought from God

Similarly, these wise men chose to heed God’s leading and guidance and followed the star which ultimately led them to the Messiah. Choosing to trust in the wisdom God provided, did not disappoint them but instead they were filled with joy and praise, being able to worship and honour the King of Kings born on that day.

Another thing oh so familiar to the world is the gifts brought by these men. What exactly did the Magi expect so see while following the star? Were they excited to enter a magnificent, royal palace? Were they looking forward to seeing a mighty and strong man robbed in gold and jewels sitting on a great big throne? Surely they did go with gifts fit for a King but what they saw was definitely not know what they presumed.

They saw baby Jesus, a tiny infantile being sleeping in his mother’s arms. They saw the Messiah in a fragile and helpless body. The King who would save the world was struggling to even hold his head up on his own.

How often have we contemplated the very same of Jesus, even to this day? When we come across struggles in our lives, don’t we often want to believe that God can’t help us? I remember years back even saying the words “I don’t think even God can help me out of this situation!”.  Do you see God as some helpless being who’s just a part of your life because your family pushed Him into it? Do you pray to God only because you were taught to do so?

The Magi being wise men truly knew who this baby was and would be. They knew they were nothing in front of this child. In the manager, young Mary was cradling the Savior of this world.

The Magi upon seeing baby Jesus responded with joy, worship, and their gifts. Today, we look to God to give us “gifts” to our prayers. We go to him with a list of things that need to be answered than just to worship Him and seek His strength as joy.

This Christmas season, let’s reflect on the nature of the Magi. No matter where you are in life, successful, wise, experienced or not, let’s choose to bow down to God than to exalt ourselves up high. Let’s choose to seek and worship Jesus this season and forth, not for what He can give us but for who He is.

The inn did not have a room for Him to be born. Are our hearts too occupied as well?


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