By His stripes !

“Achu, looks like she has contracted cancer as well”

“But Amma, how is that possible? She’s been living a good and healthy life? She is such a kind person! Why did she get this?”

“I don’t know dear. We do not know what God’s plans are but we know it’s only for good.”


Who in their right mind will think cancer is for one’s good. Who would actually be happy to accept a life threatening disease in their body? Forget cancer, I get cranky when I catch a silly cold. The puffed up face, the running nose, the taste-buds-gone-on-strike feel, the difficulty to reach out for a tissue because it’s too difficult to bother to stretch and the welcoming of a new voice and words- “I’m fine-d”  -quote Monica (F.R.I.E.N.D.S).

So you can imagine or actually cannot imagine how worse it could be for someone suffering from cancer.

I’ve lost friends and family to this dreadful disease. I’ve seen families that have lost their money, properties, even their own lives to save their dear ones. Don’t get me wrong when I say this- Yes, its awful to lose a dear one, but its the life he/she leaves behind that’s even worse- the misery of his/her family and friends.

But then if God is control and He promises that His plans are for the best, how can you see this as good?

So follow me as we leave our worldly thoughts and atmosphere and step into God’s spiritual realm.

And discover something amazing.


There was this family of two sisters and a brother- Martha, Mary & Lazarus. They were from a small village called Bethany in Jerusalem. These 3 siblings were good friends of Jesus.

Now one day Lazarus fell sick. Back then ‘falling sick’ wasn’t referred to catching a cold or a fever but something incurable and life-threatening. *Oh hey cancer, might know what we’re talking about- *

So a few friends and relatives of Lazarus ran to find to Jesus. Did they go to find Jesus because He was a good friend of the man (you know, like you’d want your dear ones near you when you’re not well) or because they expected something more???

“Master, someone you love is very sick” – John 11:3

So anyways, Jesus walked to Bethany- yes, walked. Back then there were hardly any modes of transportation and well Jesus wasn’t rich enough to own a camel or a horse.

So during His journey to Bethany He spoke to those who accompanied Him “You know what! This sickness isn’t even fatal (cue: gasp! then how is he ‘sick’). It is to show you who’s boss- the sickness or God, My Father” -John 11:4

I’m pretty sure the ones with Him would have been like :

“Hmm. I hope so”

“You think so? But somebody else in Galilee had the same sickness and He passed away a week back?”

“Huh? Yeah right, of course Lazarus will die soon. It has been scientifically proven. Google and Wikipedia says so (if there was any form of search media back then)”

When they were almost there, Jesus said “C’mon! Let’s wake Lazarus up. He’s just fallen asleep” As they reached the house, He found Martha and Mary crying over their brother’s death. As soon as Martha saw Jesus, she ran towards and said “If only you were here in time my brother wouldn’t have died”.

Taking a deep breath, she continued, “But I still believe that whatever you ask God, He will give you”


Let’s take a moment here and figure this out. Lazarus was dead. Martha and Mary were devastated. And I’m pretty sure they would have thought- “if only Jesus had come on time- maybe we should have called Him earlier- why didn’t we try another set of medication- where did we go wrong???”

But amidst all that, when Jesus ‘found’ Martha or rather when she ‘ran’ towards Him, she believed that anything would still be possible.

Jesus looked right into her with His loving eyes and asked, “Do you believe in Him? Do you believe I’m the Son of God? Do you believe that anyone who lives in me will never die?”

“I BELIEVE”- John 11:27

Oooooo!! Its getting interesting! *I’m getting goosebumps just thinking it*

Jesus asked, “WHERE DID YOU PUT HIM??”

The men nearby took Him to the tomb. On reaching there Jesus wept ! – John 11: 34

Why did Jesus cry? Not just cry but weep? What happened to all the confidence He had in God?

For a minute, Jesus felt what it was like to be a mere human with feelings and emotions. He felt the pain of losing a dear one. That’s right- He felt what you and I feel. Being a mortal on earth He lost a dear friend of His. Jesus cried with Lazarus’ family. His heart broke just like theirs.

The people around Him were surprised!

“Looks like He loved Lazarus a lot.”

“What? Why is He crying? What happened to all His proclamation.”

“If He loved him so much, why didn’t He come earlier?”

Hearing all this, Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit. He commanded, “REMOVE THE STONE FROM THE ENTRANCE !!”

Technically Lazarus was dead for 4 days. So the people said, “But, the body and tomb would smell by now. Are you sure we should open it?”



As they moved the stone, Jesus prayed:

“Father, I THANK YOU for listening to my prayers. I know you always do. But I’m doing this out loud on account of the crowd that’s beside me, so that they may believe You are God !!”

With that Jesus, said: LAZARUS, COME OUT!! 

*Drum roll please*

Out walks, Lazarus with his burial clothes on !

Scene 7/50 - Exterior Tomb; The crowd watch as Lazarus (ANAS CHENIN) with Jesus (DIOGO MORCALDO), Peter (DARWIN SHAW) and Judas (JOE WREDDEN) present.

Imagine what the people felt. Mary & Martha were over the moon to have their only brother alive again. The people around them were astonished, speechless and must have even thought they were dreaming.

And lastly, Jesus was overjoyed !

Yup, He was !!

God loves each of us so much that He sent His own Son to die for us. Many of us think that when someone has contracted a life threatening disease, it’s because of their past sin or the life they’ve been living. There are so many kind people who have the same fate, what about them?

Jesus died on the cross, taking away all our sins, punishments, sicknesses and diseases. He beat death by rising on the third day. He is still alive !

So believe. He wants to heal !

Even if the doctors say its impossible to cure, or google says this is how you’re going to die or some Facebook app predicts your death (arghh, that one looked like they ran out of ideas to create more apps), believe that your battle has already been won, victory is ours !

For those who have lost their dear ones- I’m terribly sorry for your loss. I lost my uncle and cousin too. But know that your loved one is now safe in the arms of Jesus- nothing can hurt them anymore. And guess what? You will meet them soon, I promise.

Never think you’re alone. Our God has promised that He will never leave nor forsake you(Deut 31:6). Remember, when you cry-His heart feels it too.

For those who know of their dear ones still suffering, pray for them! Encourage them. If you’re with them, pray over every medication that they take. Speak scripture to them. Let them know they are going to win this, that they’re going to get out of this a champion.

Stop questioning God! Yes His plans are the best because you are alive on this earth primarily to triumph His glory and honour. And as you do so, He will honour You.

And for those who are suffering – God is looking down on you every millisecond! Let Jesus touch you with His wounded arms. Every treatment that you go through, God will help you endure them. You are precious to Him.

The plans He has for you are way way way more than you can even imagine or comprehend. Yes, that’s right- even in whatever condition you are in- He is not done with you yet.

On His way to the cross, Jesus took your cancer, your tumour, your yet-to-be-discovered disease.

Imagine every whipping that He took:

Tumour- WHIP!!
Arthritis- WHIP!!
Paralysis- WHIP!!

While He hung on the cross, and gave His last breath, His body perished with all your diseases and problems. God gave Him a new life.

And God is giving you one as well !

So I pray for all those who are suffering right now. Don’t give up. Nothing is impossible for God. He who formed you/them, will cure you/them. For by HIS STRIPES you are healed.


God bless 🙂

P.S: For those who haven’t, I recommend watching the movie- Son of God. ‘Coz sometimes you just gotta see it, to believe it.


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