To love & to hold !

As this is my very first post- I’d like to write about my biggest blessing- MY MARRIAGE. Though I’ve been married for just two months, it has been like forever.

I remember the day I met my husband.

Before that, let me introduce myself- I’m a Christian (one who runs behind God for dear life), Indian (malayalee- to be precise), 23 yr old woman and wife.

So where was I- yes, the day I met my husband. It was 10 months from today. Like most Indian cultures, mine was an arranged proposal. My parents found the boy for me.

Now you would think, who in this time and era would get married at 23 when they have the whole world right before them to explore and find out who they are. I felt the same. But my parents had different plans. Well, this was what I believed before I accepted it was God’s plan.

So since I knew I could not change my parents’mind, I decided to meet Pramod (my husband πŸ™‚ ).

Just like Monica in the sitcom FRIENDS, I’m a neat freak and yes, cleaning helps me relieve stress. So the day before I was so stressed out about meeting Pramod, I began cleaning my room. My room is filled with paintings and boards of verses and thoughts from the Bible. This is has helped me when I needed God to speak to me the most.

Clearly this was one of those days! As I was cleaning my bookshelf- I noticed a verse that said: YOU HAVE NOT, BECAUSE YOU ASK NOT!– James 4:2

As soon as I read that, I began whispering this prayer in my head: “Lord, please bring Pramod home only if he is the man You have ordained for me. Only if he is the one You chose for me, then let me meet him. I ask this, because You told to! ”

And I continued cleaning. While I was vacuuming the floors, I noticed another verse stuck on my cupboard that read: EVERY GOOD & PERFECT GIFT COMES FROM THE LORD, WHO DOESN’T CHANGE LIKE SHIFTING SHADOWS.– James 1:17

And I thought, “OK Lord, let me change that prayer a little bit. Bring Pramod if only he is the one, because I know You only have the best plans for me and all your providences are good & perfect.”

With that I got ready to meet him. He called home an hour before coming. I thought he was going to cancel and was beginning to tell myself Pramod wasn’t the one. But apparently he had called to get directions to my place.

So an hour later, Pramod comes home. My heart had never beat this quickly nor have my body temperature risen this fast. But the moment I saw him, peace washed over me. It was like I knew he was the one instantly.


We sat down to talking for an hour and more. We spoke about various things- family, future, hopes and dreams. We even laughed quite a bit during it all. Towards the dreadful end of our conversation (yes I didn’t want him to leave at all), I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this man.

And 10 months later, we were married !

Many ask me, how can you marry a stranger?

Let me get down to the basics – You are no stranger to God. Why? Because He is the one who created you. He is the one who gave you your desires, emotions, feelings and a beating heart. He knows what exactly you need.

If He knows your heart, why don’t you try knowing His? Yes I know we can never completely comprehend Him or His plans, but He does give us a glimpse of it- if you’re willing to seek Him.

I knew my husband was the one because God showed him to me, God knew my desires and I trusted in Him completely.

This is not necessarily inclusive of marriage alone but any matter for that regard- your future plans, goals, life.


Take that step of faith. Walk out of your worldly atmosphere and step into His spiritual realm and let Him tapΒ into your heart.

He’s got it all figured out!

Your Father will always have your back πŸ™‚


28 thoughts on “To love & to hold !

  1. Hey Asha! A beautiful beginning!! Really happy to read your first blog! And very very proud of you. Your testimony was simply beautiful and I’m pretty sure that this will be an encouragement to many many out there who have the same worries and concern. May God bless you abundantly and may you grow in your passion for the Lord and may He use you mightily. Looking forward to many more of your works.

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  2. Okay…!
    This is really great .. This really is I loved readin it …not just reading but today u inspired me.. Those bible verses…
    This is an encouragement for many which includes me also! Thankyou !
    May god bless you .. !
    Looking forward for many more ! πŸ™‚

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  3. Good going Asha. God put these talents in you and you are in His perfect will. God bless you more and yes you have a big big supporter!
    Love to u.
    From the married us.

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  4. So well written. I am definitely going to share this beautiful piece and yes if its God’s Chosen plan he will definitely direct it to you as he knows whats best for us.

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  5. Hi Asha,

    As I read your blog, it made me remind of my old days when I met my hubby first. It’s exactly the same feeling and same thought that ran through my mind 2 years back. Your blog was truely an inspirational one. I was going through my memory lane and thanking God for the wonderful way in which he mends two soul. I have recommended a couple of my friends to go through your blog as it was a good piece of encouragement.
    Congrats on your blog as well as for the new phase of your life.
    Stay blessed!

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  6. That was awesome mol. It’s very true our DAD has the best plans for us. Yes, take a step out from the world and just look unto His love for us that made Him take up everything on that cross . Oh dear I love that Abba. And I am really happy that u are one among the blessed one.

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  7. Well written…by te way im priyas school mate…I go by ur words of testimony in every way..He sure had plans for me…I lost my mom when I was doin my 11and then te terrible time I needed her my 12th boards…my dad was there physically but “equally gone along with my mom”…got thru it any ways…then graduation and finally like all parent”s”had wanted to get me married off….I belong to te parish which adorns St.Joseph as te patron saint…never knew a decent way to pray but still He knew where I was heading to…but jus asked for one thin…tht loss in my life..tht vacumn…I needed “someone” to fill it up wht my ma left behind…and there before I knew it was put into action…im sorry te comment went up too long… here im now after 9 years. .ups and downs as I enter my 10th year of marriage …I knw my ma is up tere….no jus beside me…alwaizzzz

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  8. First things first …. God bless you both in the long run of marriage ….. Wonderful start for the website and catchy points on marrying a stranger part ….

    God bless both of u and the blog ….

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